Dermal Fillers

Unlike any other Facial Aesthetic Provider, you are our 'client' and not a 'patient' and by removing that barrier that most practitioners give, our 'clients' come back to us, time after tim, after time...


The Science

Do you know that some dermal fillers that other aesthetic companies use are constituted mainly of animal 'bovine or avian' collagen (from cows skin or birds), thus resulting in allergic reactions for some clients and post treatment problems?

At Uber, our chosen products are non-animal based, 'temporary' dermal fillers which replicate our tissues natural composition and that replenishes our own natural Hyloronic Acid (HA) which is found naturally between the spaces of our cells, this unfortunatley declines as we age, leaving us with less volume and structure of our skin.

There is no patch testing required and our preferred products are Teosyal and Restylane.

The distinguishing factor of these products is the gel particle size. With a selection of products within these ranges tailored to make them as close to the ideal for its intended application and can be used on area of the face, neck and hands, as well as the products being an ethical choice for ourselves regards to animal derived products and our beauty industry.


Teosyal is our first choice... having recently won the Aesthetic Magazine Award, for the Best Injectable Product of the Year catergory over the 7 leading dermal filler rangers on the market!

Finally, we do not price per syringe as we feel this can be misleading and confusing for our clients - the selection of products in the ranges above will depend on the area to be treated, and depending upon our choice to you, will make a difference to the volume of product per syringe, hence our pricing below:


Treatment Time Price
Dermal Fillers
Between Eyebrows (frown lines)
Lip Contouring/Augmentation (outer edge plumping)
Lip Lines (bleed lines)
Uber Kiss (2 week lip plumping)
Marionette Lines (lower corners of mouth which drops)
Light nose to mouth lines
Deep nose to mouth lines
Individual line softening
Cheek contouring (gives the effect of a cheek lift and defined bone structure)
Eyebrow Lifting (provides a temporary lift to the upper eyelid area via the brow)
Chin enhancement (for slight receding chin profile)
Tattoo Enhancement (defining your tattoo to give a 3 dimension appearance)
from £180

Combined Treatments form list above

(add the treatment price together, and then deduct 20% of the lower priced treatment)