NSI Attraction Acrylic Nails

Fingernails are an important part of overall appearance to many women. The inability to grow out natural nails, liking the durability of acrylic nails or just preferring nail enhancements over natural nails are among the reasons that may lead to women getting acrylics. Although many women have strong beliefs on the disadvantages of acrylic nails and reasons for completely avoiding nail enhancements, there are also several advantages to acrylic nails that should be considered if one is on the edge about whether or not to try them out.


Durability and Length of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are strong and long-lasting. For the average nail growth, properly maintained acrylic nails need to be filled in about every two weeks. This time period may be longer or shorter depending on how quickly an individual’s nails grow out. Acrylic nails can take anywhere from about three weeks to a couple of months to completely, naturally grow out, if one chooses to not get their nails filled in.


Treatment Time Price
Full Set of Acrylic Nails    
Natural Tips
70 mins £28.00
White Tips
60 mins £25.00
60 mins £19.00
Soak Off (with a new set of nails) 45 mins £6.00
Soak Off Only 45 mins £12.00
Individual Nail Repair per nail £3.00