Wrinkle Relaxing Botox Treatment

As the movement and stability between our elevator muscles and depressor muscles control facial expression, we feel that the best effects from facial rejuvenation require the construction of muscular balance.


By inhibiting the activity of specifc muscles (via botox), thus relying on other muscles to either increase or sustain their action, we can create this 'balance'. However, as each one of us differs so do our muscles, therefore we require specific treatments for us as an individual. For this reason, variations of doses and injection sites are important to achieve this.


Prior to the treatment, the aims and expectations of our clients are accurately noted, and a consultation plan is devised to maximise the chances of a successful outcome. We will provide you with an honest evaluation providing you with realistic outcomes. This is crucial to the final result.


Our nurse who performs the treaments is Debra Mccool, founder of New You North West, Debra is a fully qualified Nurse Practitioner and Independent Nurse Prescriber with 20 years experiences of practising and managing within the NHS and the private sector.

Debras extensive clinical training and experience coupled with her passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation in the quest for clinical excellence, ensures Debra is at the forefront of aesthetic practice.


Passionate about enhancing the aesthetic industry Debra is an active member of the British Assocciation of Cosmetic Nurses(BACN),who work towards regulation and ensuring safe and best practice in the aesthetic industry.


Debra is fully indemnified in her chosen field of medical aesthetics.


Treatment Time Price
Wrinkle Relaxing / Line Taming (frown line, forehead lines and crows feet)
1st area
2nd area
3rd area
*Supplements for men
Advanced Wrinkle Relaxing
Bunny Lines (scrunched nose)
Upper Lip (prevents lipstick bleed lines)
Marionette Lines
Eyebrow Lift
Hyperhidrosis (to stop underarm sweating)

NB: As a prescriptive product is used, a non refundable £30.00 pre-consultation fee is due when you book your appointment to cover your prescription cost. We will undertake a consultation prior to your treatment to assess your suitability for treatment and to complete the necessary documentation for your prescription.


* Please note as men tend to have stronger muscles groups, more product will be used therefore there is a one off suppliment charge at each treatment session for all male clients, on top of the normal prices.


Our experience has shown that non-surgical injections are best made in fully prepared skin that is resilient and as elastic as possible - so why not plan to have your injections a week or so after one of our chemical peel treatments? For example, a mild strength Glycolic or Lactic Acid peel will acheive high levels of skin resurfacing as well as stimulating collagen and elastin, thus promoting rejuvenation that will facilitate the placing of the injections. These sort of peels normally require no recovery time - they are non 'ablative', which means that usually you will not visibly shed skin - and will leave your skin feeling clean, soft, smooth and refreshed.

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